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High-order efficacy
Product Name
NGS 5792HF
Maximum number of connections: 5,000,000 | New connections per second: 165,000 | Maximum processing speed: 9.6Gbps | VPN performance: 2,000Mbps | Anti-virus performance: 900Mbps | IPS performance: 870Mbps | Email scans / day: 5,500,000
1 LAN / 9 can define PORT | All Giga Port (10/100/1,000M)
Support IPSEC / SSL / PPTP / L2TP (IOS available) VPN
Support 3G / 4G / LTE USB mobile wireless network card
Built-in anti-virus for 1 year, 3rd party application and 3rd party URL database control for 2 year
Optional items: Kaspersky Anti-Virus (from the 2nd year) / 3rd party application (from the 3rd year) / 3rd party URL database (from the 3rd year)
Data storage: SSD
Product Specification
Product Manual
The NGS 5792HF is a network security device conforming to the Next Generation UTM specification. It features high operating efficiency, multiple security protection mechanisms, and layered authorization management. It is the preferred network security and management device for medium and large enterprises. The NGS 5792HF features the powerful capabilities of the new generation of firewalls, including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-based application identification and regulation, In-Line IPS, SSL resolution and blocking, Web Filtering, bandwidth management, antivirus, and spam filtering. Support for external authentication integration and other functions to prevent hackers from maliciously sneaking into attacks or unauthorized access to internal network resources. In addition, the NGS 5792HF also supports a two-machine backup mechanism (HA) to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.             
Feature Of Product
NGS 5792HF is also a core switch supporting Layer 2-Layer 7, which can directly replace the traditional Layer 3 core switch and meet the requirements of the next generation Software Defined Network (SDN) core switch. Integrate the centralized management of wireless base stations and network-managed switches to create integrated wired and wireless security protection, allowing managers to take care of both inside and outside, Can be used as the second layer as an intranet security firewall (ISFW).             
Balance performance and function
HERHSIANG NGS 5792HF, its hardware platform is carefully designed with X86 hardware devices, so that enterprise users can fully appreciate the security protection provided by HERHSIANG Next Generation UTM. For customers with high connectivity requirements, high-performance security modules are provided to improve connectivity and support USB fast restore mechanism.
IP v4 / v6 dual frequency technology
The IP v4 address is in short supply, and the IP v6 era is coming sooner or later, so HERHSIANG has integrated this trend when developing the next generation of UTM. The same network interface, whether it is defined as WAN or LAN, can be bound at the same time. The IP address of v4 or v6, so NGS 5792HF is the same whether it is in pure v4 environment, v4/v6 hybrid, pure v6 environment.
Support SDN controller
Supporting SDN controller, more than one port group can be combined into ZONE, which is directly managed by SDN controller, and ZONE and ZONE packets are transmitted, and will also be detected by NGS 5792HF packet detection. It also has the function of VLAN 802.1Q, which can cut the internal network into several independent subnet segments, each of which has independent operation and does not interfere with each other.

SSL encrypted connection detection
With the ability to detect SSL traffic, you can apply intrusion detection defense, gateway anti-virus, content filtering and application bandwidth management when faced with SSL-encrypted traffic.
Load balancing
Provides outbound and inbound load balancing, and provides multiple load balancing algorithms. When one of the lines is disconnected, all network packets will automatically switch to another normal line, ensuring that the internal user network is unblocked. When the line is restored, the packet is packetized. It will be automatically assigned. The enterprise can set the load balancing rules according to the requirements, and the network access can perform the network traffic load balancing guidance by referring to the set rules. The algorithms are: automatic allocation, manual allocation, source IP allocation, and destination IP allocation.

IPS intrusion prevention
IPS It checks the contents corresponding to layers 4 to 7 of the OSI model, whether there are malicious attack programs, viruses, hidden in the TCP/IP communication protocol, and after the detailed content check, the qualified signature will be Marked out, once found, can block the packet immediately, so that these malicious packets through the firewall are invisible.

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Web Application Firewall is a product that specifically protects web server applications by implementing a series of security policies for HTTP / HTTPS.

The work of WAF is to analyze the data of the Web application layer, to force multiple conversions of different encoding methods to restore the plaintext of the attack, and to combine the deformed characters and analyze them, which can be better than the combined attacks from the Web layer.

Provide application layer rules. WEB applications are usually customized. Traditional rules for known vulnerabilities are often not effective. WAF provides dedicated application layer rules and has the ability to detect deformation attacks, such as detection of mixed attacks in SSL encrypted traffic.             

Threat detection defense
Providing the most complete defense defense mechanism of the enterprise, the attack behavior of the current network cannot rely on single point protection and requires complete defense in depth. With different levels of defense technology, it is possible to reduce the potential threat behavior that the enterprise may suffer. In addition to providing firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IPS), and anti-virus as the basis for enterprise security protection, the Hexiang NGS 5792HF can enhance the detection of malicious programs for traffic, web pages and emails, and the connection analysis of different security mechanisms. To play the role of defense in depth.
Mail gateway protection
The enterprise already has a mail host, but the spam filtering performance is not good. The NGS 5792HF can be used as a mail gateway mode to supplement the original mail server, such as spam filtering and virus letter filtering. After filtering the virus and advertising mail through NGS 5792HF, send the clean mail to the mail host.
Virus letter filtering
The system provides Clam AV anti-virus engine for free. It can detect more than millions of viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. It can automatically scan for viruses on emails, automatically update virus files through the Internet daily, and provide virus email search. condition. The administrator can set the processing method of the poisoned mail, including automatic deletion, storage of the poisoned mail extension and the subject of the poisoned mail notification letter. The new-generation UTM has a built-in Kabar anti-virus engine for one year. Customers can choose to continue to enjoy Kaspersky Anti-Virus, the leader in virus scanning and virus repair.
Spam filtering
Internal mail or external mail can be filtered, and provide ST-IP network credit rating, Bayesian filtering method, Bayesian filtering automatic learning mechanism, automatic whitelisting mechanism, spam feature filtering and fingerprint identification, etc. , whitelist comparison and intelligent identification learning database (Auto-Learning), you can even set personalization rules, flexibly formulate filtering rules, handle spam, and ensure comprehensive protection without error, with an accuracy rate of over 95%. Mail filtering can perform actions such as transfer, deletion, and blocking of messages that meet the filter conditions set by the administrator.
Abnormal IP analysis
Any network behavior, regardless of which software the user executes, is roughly divided into the number of connected and downloaded Connect Sessions, Flows, and Durations from the perspective of network packets. The combination of the numbers estimates that the user is using the network normally or has abnormal behavior. When an internal user's abnormal behavior is discovered, the administrator can adopt various strategies, such as blocking the Internet, immediately limiting its maximum bandwidth, enabling the collaborative defense mechanism to notify the switch to block it or notify the administrator.
Bandwidth Management (QoS)
Help network administrators control network traffic, effectively slow down corporate network congestion, improve serviceability and bandwidth usage. With QoS (Bandwidth Management), it can distribute limited bandwidth to all users. The difference with the general bandwidth manager is that the NGS 5792HF has a guaranteed bandwidth as well as maximum bandwidth and priority management. It also has a personalized bandwidth management design that allows for bandwidth management settings for individual users. If the bandwidth management is used with the personalized bandwidth management, the bandwidth reserved by the bandwidth management function can be allocated to the users below the enterprise, which can effectively prevent the bandwidth from being exclusive to the user.
Content filtering
Provide Web Filter (Web Filter) to block inappropriate access to web pages (such as pornography, violence) and offensive web pages (such as hackers, viruses), and to set up filtering conditions to block inappropriate websites.
URL database management [Optional 3rd party database (optional)]
Built-in "cloud URL database" automatically classifies web pages. Managers can easily control against harmful URLs. You can easily control them without having to enter the IP address and keywords of the website one by one. Any choice of harmful URLs is a source of sin. The best way to prevent blocking is to ban the use of the Internet. If it is not completely banned, using a constantly updated URL database is the best protection mechanism.
Online behavior record
Some employees of the company go online during work hours, do things that are not for work purposes, have small chats, and have a lot of secrets. In addition to limiting the permissions used by user-related applications, the NGS 5792HF can also record related online behaviors, including browsing web pages and email delivery. When a company has a leak, the information that has been saved is the best evidence to use as a testimony.
Traffic Analysis
Provides traffic analysis tools, whether it is internal user computer on/off status, network traffic instant display, protocol assignment, and traffic leaderboard. When the line is fully loaded, the traffic murderer can be found immediately.
Application Management [Optional 3rd party database (optional)]
Various network application softwares are not only difficult to manage, but also easier to become the best conduit for data leakage and virus attacks. NGS 5792HF has built-in multiple application management functions, including instant messaging, audio and video services, file transfer, P2P software, remote control, browser, VOIP, online games, network protocols, etc., which can easily control employees to use application software. Permissions to protect corporate network security.
Graphical traffic report
Provides a flow report of the WEB interface, and draws the historical state of the system into a chart, so that the administrator can grasp the current system operation status at any time. NGS 5792HF provides system status chart (including CPU load map, memory load map, system load), network traffic graph (LAN traffic, WAN1~WAN17 traffic), and provides query conditions to quickly search each traffic status history. .

VPN function

Use IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, and SSL VPN to secure connection between Site to Site, Point to Site, and remote users. Through these VPN mechanisms, users can connect to different devices, such as laptops, branch offices, business offices, mobile devices or homes, from different locations, including home, external public information service stations, and the Internet. …Wait.

Among them, SSL VPN is the most important long-distance secure transmission connection between most enterprises, customers and partners.             


Definition of UTM

IDC's definition of UTM security hardware devices is: It includes multiple security functions integrated into a single hardware device, which must include network firewalls, network intrusion detection and defense, and gateway antivirus. It is not necessary to use all the functions on this device, but it must be built in, and individual components cannot be cut.

In order to test these devices, NSS Group more clearly defines UTM devices as a single device combination of firewall, VPN, IDS / IPS, anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering, content filtering and other functions. The detailed definitions are as follows:

* Firewall: Deployed at the network boundary, a strong stateful NAT firewall is required.

* VPN: It is often deployed in corporate WAN as a branch network solution, and basically needs to be able to establish a small number of secure VPN tunnels.

* IDS / IPS: The firewall can only enforce policies. If the policy allows inbound HTTP traffic to the web server in the DMZ zone, the firewall cannot prevent hackers from damaging the target web server from the HTTP protocol. The IPS function will detect and block intrusions that attempt to use network boundaries to prevent malicious network traffic from reaching the server. The IDS function can detect intrusions and issue alerts, but it cannot block malicious traffic.

* Anti-virus: Gateway anti-virus filtering can prevent inbound virus traffic at the network boundary, strengthen computer desktop security, and block them before they reach the desktop. The solution can also prevent internal computers from being infected by viruses from outside the corporate network. .

* Anti-Spam: Gateway Anti-Spam can mark incoming emails and allow further processing by computer-filtered solutions. The solution prevents internal hosts from sending spam to outside the enterprise.

* URL filtering: Using a constantly updated database of URL classifications, a gateway URL filtering solution prevents employees from accessing unpleasant or inappropriate websites from the corporate network.

* Content filtering: Scans specific content of web pages and email traffic. Gateway content filtering solutions can prevent unpleasant or inappropriate content from passing through or being sent out by corporate networks.             

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