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Buying the following mail models from now on will have built-in Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 1 year
Buying the following mail models from now on will have built-in Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 1 year

 Mail server
MDispersion H57TA(U)(W) & H91X

Mail archive server
MArchive H57TA(U)(W)

NGS new generation firewall V9.0.2.2 has been updated #3
NGS new generation firewall V9.0.2.2 has been updated #3

[WEB Service]
# Fix [WEB]> "Encrypted Connection Settings"> "Apple Device Does Not Import Service", which causes non-Apple devices to be excluded from service.
# Fix [WEB]> "Encrypted Connection Settings"> "Do not import service source IP customization", "Do not import service destination IP customization" settings are invalid.

[High Availability]
# Added support for HA Port connection.
# Added "Detection Frequency" and "Auxiliary Detection Interface" setting functions.
# Added "Service Status", "Pause Switching and Data Synchronization", "Current Detection Status", and "Recent Data Synchronization Time" recording functions.
# Fix unsynchronized settings [System Settings> Basic Settings> LAN Acceleration Mode Settings]. (Define the interface for LAN.)
# Fix unsynchronized settings [WAF] related settings.
# Fix the unsynchronized settings [VPN> SSLVPN Server] user certificate.
# Fix unsynchronized settings [Regulations> Regulations> SYN protection].
# Fix unsynchronized settings [System Settings> SSL Certificate Settings] intermediate certificate.
# Fix unsynchronized settings [System Settings> AP Management].
[Remote Log Server]
# Add "Log item"> "WEB virus record".
# Add "Log item"> "PPTP record", "L2TP record", "SSLVPN record", "IPsec Tunnel" VPN related records.
# Adjust the "Remote Connection Settings"> "Traffic Analysis" record to add the rule ID field.
# Fix "Remote Connection Settings"> "Device Host Name" setting in Chinese, which caused record abnormalities.
# Fix the problem that the setting of "Remote Connection Settings"> "Device Host Name" cannot be saved when there are blank characters.
# Amend "Log item"> "DNS Filter control record" missing some information.
# Fixed a PHP error when no options were set and clicked'Save'.
[Advanced Protection]
[Analysis of abnormal IP]
# Fix the problem that the screen freezes when [Block Settings]>'Save'.
# Fix the problem that the [abnormal record] statistical flow unit is not converted.
# Fix the problem that some conditions lead to discrepancies between the record and the actual flow.
[Switch Management]
# Add support
Switch model GS2220-28, XGS2210-52, GS2220-50. (Support cooperative defense, IP Source Guard.)
# Add support
Switch model XS1930-10.
# Fix the [Network Status Diagram] Port information is not displayed in some cases.
# Fix the problem that the "Network Status Diagram" displays incorrectly in some cases.
# Fix [Network Status Diagram] When Bridge is used in the network interface, the Switch level display is abnormal (definition interface for LAN.)
# Fix [IP Source Guard] The problem that IPs of different network segments cannot be listed.
# Fix the problem that the [PoE Schedule Settings] [Add/Modify] page is not displayed correctly.
[WAF Settings]
# Added [Website Management]>'Import/Export' function.
# Add [Website Management][Edit]> "Security" settings, support TLSv1~TLSv1.3.
# Fix the problem that [WAF Settings]> operating status is incorrectly displayed.
# Fixed [Website Management]> "Site List"> "Edit Default Server, Certificate Settings" and the problem that the imported intermediate certificate is invalid.
# Fix the problem that "Website Management" does not match the "server name" and can still be connected.

[Mail Management]
# Fixed an abnormal mail sending when the mail file is large.
# Fix the problem that the subject of the email is blank due to some circumstances.
[Mail Filtering and Recording]
# Fix [Traffic Blocking Defense Settings]> "User Authentication Abnormal Situation" enabling the function has a chance of increasing CPU load.
[Spam Filtering]
# Adjust [Spam Notification] The link in the notification letter of the spam list enhances connection security.
# Adjust [System Black and White List]> "Spam Filter Exception Settings" to support wildcard character'*'.
# Fix [Basic Settings]> "Client Mail Search Web Interface">'Connection Test', the account password will fail if it contains special characters.
# Fix the issue of [Spam Notification] failed to release notification letters.
# Fix [Spam Notification]> The user's spam quarantine list failed to be added to [Personal Blacklist/Personal Whitelist].
# Fix [System Black and White List] The letters that meet the system blacklist will still be recorded and displayed as "accepted" status.
# Fix the [Email Text Filtering] update time display problem.
[Mail Audit]
# Fix the problem that non-IP settings can be entered in [Audit Filter Settings] [Add/Edit]> "Sending Source IP Contains".
# Amend [Audit Filter Settings] [Add/Edit]> "Filter Conditions" description has some errors.
[Mail record query]
# Fix the double quotes (") in the file name of the email attachment file, which will cause the interface to display incorrectly.
# Fix the problem that [Mail Record Query] can only query the records within 60 days.

[IPSec Tunnel]
# Add [VPN channel] "Remote
IP address" Use domain name setting, add Tip to prompt IP address.
# Added [VPN Channel] "Enable Backup"> "Custom Preshare Key" function.
# Fix the problem that IPSec cannot establish a connection because the configuration file will be damaged.
# Fix [VPN channel] IPSec has a chance of failing to establish a connection when reconnecting.
# Fix [Auto VPN Server/Auto VPN Client][Add/Edit]> "Multi-channel mode" is enabled, "Record" cannot be displayed.
# Fix the problem that [Auto VPN Client] cannot select PPPoE interface.

[PPTP Server]
# Fix the problem that the status lights of [PPTP Account List] are displayed incorrectly.

[SSLVPN Server]
# Added [SSLVPN Settings]> "Client Connection Settings" setting function.
# Adjustment update
SSLVPN Client software version, strengthens software security.
# Adjust [Client SSLVPN List] to allow members to be repeatedly set in different groups.
# Fix the problem that [SSLVPN settings] did not update the IP of the "interface used by this machine" correctly.
# Fixed [Client SSLVPN List] The problem that some circumstances caused non-disabled accounts to be unable to log in when accounts were disabled.
# Fix the problem that the [Client SSLVPN list] group contains "AD Organization" or "Domain Users", and members cannot be obtained in some cases.
# Fixed the problem that you can still connect to the SSLVPN Client file download page without setting any SSL Client list.
# Fix the SSLVPN Client file download page, IMAP account cannot log in.
# Fix the problem that the client cannot log in due to the long authentication time.
# Amend [Basic Settings]> "IPSec Settings"> "Interface IP": "Auxiliary Selection" has incorrect settings.
# Amend [Basic Settings]> "L2TP Settings" is not activated, you still need to set "Interface IP" to save the settings.

# Fix the problem that load balancing is not performed after the line is disconnected.

[Network Tools]
[Connection Test]
# Added [IPv6][Port Scan] function.
# Added [Port Scan]> "Scan Service": "Custom Port" function.
# Fix [IPv6][Ping] Cannot select "Interface Address".
# Fix [Port Scan] SNMP does not use UDP for connection.

[Packet Extraction]
# Fix the problem that the PHP error message will be displayed in [Edit] in [Scheduled List].

[Operation log]
# Add abnormal power failure records.
# Fixed some functions'Export/Import' that did not generate records.
# Fix [Log Search] Missing "Management Target": "DNS Filter", "VPN": "SD-WAN" items.

[system status]
[Connection status]
# Added [Member List]> "Interface Display" menu, which can display data in different interfaces.
# Fix [Member List]>'Export' data is missing "status" information.
# Amend [Connection Tracking]> "Logs" There are some situations that make it impossible to display the logs.

[Traffic Analysis]
# Add [Traffic Ranking Query]> "Source/Destination IP":'Custom' supports wildcard characters (*).
# Added [Traffic Ranking/Traffic Ranking Query] The detailed connection record adds the function of sorting some items.
# Adjust [Traffic Quota Query] to increase the display date of detailed connection records.
# Fix the problem of errors in [Traffic Ranking By Location]>'Export'.
# Fix the problem that the "Traffic Ranking Query"> "Application" menu is duplicated.
# Amendment [Traffic Ranking Query]> "Exit Line" is set when the query result is wrong.

[Threat Intelligence Meter]
# Fix [Traffic Analysis]> "Session"> "IP Address Flow" and click "Details" to get an error message.
# Fix [Dns Query] The chance of browser stalling when opening the page.
# Fix [Threat Intelligence]> "Spam": "Detailed" recipients are displayed incorrectly.

# Added [Management Interface] connection to support TLSv1.2 TLSv1.3 encryption protocol.
# Add [Management Interface] When you log in with the default account and password, you will be reminded to change the password.
# Added [Management Interface] Homepage "Server Software Version" Added Tip to display hotfix version.
# Add "Administrative Interface" home page to add "Server Service" information.
# Added [System] LCD to display WAF service status.
# Adjust [Management Interface] The Bridge interface of the homepage traffic graph is changed to by Port display.
# Adjustment [Management Interface] Adjust the order of the display interface on the homepage.
# Adjust [Management Interface] to add Loading display on some pages.
# Adjust [System] to strengthen and update server connection security.
# Fix the problem that the number of failed login attempts is not recounted after successful login in [Management Interface] [Internet Authentication].
# Fix [Management Interface] When restarting/shutdown is executed, MySql error message appears on the interface.
# Fix the problem that the login page will appear at the top of the [Management Interface] homepage [Port Information].
# Fix [Management Interface] [Port Information] USB status is not displayed correctly at the top of the homepage
# Fix [Management Interface] The [Port Information] interface at the top of the homepage is LAN10 and it will be displayed as L0.
# Fix the "Administration Interface" homepage "New connections per second" will have a negative number.
# Amendment [Administration] Home page "IPTunnel" interface status is incorrectly displayed.
# Fix the problem that the remaining days of "App Control Program Authorization" on the homepage of [Administration Interface] appear negative.
# Fix [Management Interface] Error prompt is not clear and add language display.
# Fix the problem of [System] disappearing under certain circumstances.
# Fix [System] Some program LOG is not cleared or closed, which leads to insufficient system space.
# Amendment [System] The authorized version of the application has some circumstances that affect the internal service connection.
# Fix the problem of interlocking some settings of the [System] Installation Wizard.
# Fix [System] The problem of DNAT establishing connection when using Bridge Port.
# Fix the problem of repeated DHCP errors in [Console].

NGS new generation firewall V9.0.2.2 has been updated #2
NGS new generation firewall V9.0.2.2 has been updated #2

[WWAN dial-up]
# Added WWAN dial-up function.

[Interrupt setting]
# Fix the problem that [Hardware Interrupt Settings] cannot save settings.

# Added the "Search Regulations"> "Customized Search" function, which allows you to set conditions for query details of the regulations.
# Added [Add/Edit]> "Advanced Settings": "Traffic Quota"> "Monthly Metering" function.
# Add "Statistics"> "Packet Communication Record"   add "Regulation ID" information.
# Adjust [Inside to Outside]/[Advanced][Add/Edit]> "Export Line" Change the "IP Address Conversion" information display when selecting an unsupported export line.
# Adjust the reminder that the "movement regulations" cannot be moved.
# Fix [Add/Edit] "IP Address Conversion": When'Port Correspondence' is set to [Service Group] and the WAF function is set at the same time, some situations will display errors.
# Fix the problem that "URL control" cannot be set when [Network Settings> Default Route] is not set in [Add/Edit].
# Fix [Add/Edit]> "Advanced Settings": "Data Quota" has used up data but there is no blocking screen.
# Fix [Add/Edit]> "Source Interface": When Bridge Port is selected and "Advanced Settings> Internet Authentication" is enabled, an Internet authentication login exception will occur.
# Fix [Advanced][Add/Edit]> "Destination Network" Cannot select WAN IP.
# Fix [Outside to Inside]> "Action":'Block' does not generate statistics and packet records.
# Fix [Outside to Inside][Add/Edit] "IP Address Conversion": When'Port Correspondence' is applied to [Service Group] including 25 and 465 ports, a connection error will occur.
# Fix [SYN Protection]> [Edit/Add]> "Action" is set to'Reject', part of the interface is not displayed.
# Fix the problem of invalid setting of [SYN protection] regulations.
# Fix [SYN Protection]> "SYN Attack" with negative numbers.
# Fix the problem that when "Advanced Settings> WEB(S)" is enabled for the VLAN segment: "Log" or "Virus scan", the Internet cannot be accessed.
# Fix the problem that "source port" or "destination port" is not copied correctly when using [service group] in "Copy Regulations".
# Fix [IPv6]> "Statistics" packet record "Exit Route" information error.
# Amend [IPv6][Add/Edit]> "IP Address Translation": In some cases,'NAT' does not display IP.
# Fix [IPv6][Add/Edit]> "Exit Line":'default' and "IP Address Conversion":'NAT' will cause abnormal connection.

[IPSec Control]
# Add [Add/Edit]> "Protocol":'ICMP' setting.
# Fixed [Add/Edit]> "Source Network"/"Destination Network" drop-down menu in the multiple network segments displayed abnormally.

[SD-WAN Control]
# Fix the problem that the setting of "Advanced Settings"> "NAT" is invalid.

[Management goals]
[Address Table]
# Add [Location Table Group]>'Delete' the [Regulations] information to be applied when it cannot be deleted.
# Adjust [Address Table]/[Address Table Group] [Add/Modify] unified IP and MAC lowercase display.
# Adjust to delete [Address Table] members applied to [Address Table Group].
# Fix the problem of abnormal import of [Address Table]/[Address Table Group].
# Fix [Address Table][Add/Modify]> "Setting Method" select'Default Domain Blacklist' will cause an error.
# Fix [Address Table] Some cases of deleting members take a long time.
# Fix [Address Table] The problem that different IPs cannot set the same MAC.
# Fix the problem that [Location Table Group] [Add/Modify] can still be saved without entering settings.
# Fix the problem that the search function of [Address Table Group] [Edit] does not work.

[Service Table]
# Amendment [Service Group] [Modify] After changing the settings and saving, the settings are abnormal due to the failure to check the application of [Regulations].

[Bandwidth Management]
# Fix [QoS List] because the settings of [Application Control] cannot be deleted without clear prompt.

[Application Control]
# Fix the problem of "App Control"> "App Information"> "Authorization":'Get Authorization' failed.
# Amendment [Application Control] After the license service is converted, the [Add/Modify] rule [System Status> Operation Log] has no records.

[URL Management]
# Fix the problem that the name can be repeated when the group name is modified in [URL Settings][Edit].
# Fixed [URL Settings] [Add/Edit] group name using some symbols to display abnormally.
# Fix [URL Settings][Add/Edit]> "List Selection" without any settings that can still be saved.
# Fix [Black and White List Settings] [Add/Edit] English language display problem.
# Fix [Black and White List Settings] [Add/Edit] In some cases, the "Other Black and White List Settings" item is not displayed.
# Fix [Black and White List Settings] [Add/Edit] [Operation Log] is missing records in some cases.
# Fix [IPv6][Black and White List Settings][Add/Edit] setting IPv4 IP can still be stored.

[Electronic Whiteboard]
# Adjust and strengthen the mechanism and protection of uploaded files.
[DNS Filter]
# Adjust [Control Records] to enter the default display records on the page.
# Fix [DNS Filter]> "Fuzzy Matching" not showing the setting data.
# Fix the problem that the DNS query of the firewall will fail when the [DNS Filter] function is enabled.

[Firewall function]
# Added [Firewall Function]> "Sharing Settings"> "Permanent Block" function.
# Adjust the [Firewall function] interface IP list to be displayed in sequence.
# Amend [Firewall]> "IP Address Exception" setting IP still trigger "Port Scan" record.
# Fix [Firewall]> "Port Scan" incorrectly block DNS related connections.

[Internet Authentication]
# Add [POP3, IMAP, RADIUS users]> "Server Member Settings" export function.
# Added [Authentication Settings]> "Authentication Common Settings"> "Do not display blocked page" settings to avoid Dos attacks on the login page.
# Adjust [AD User]> "AD Login Password" length limit changed to 32 characters.
# Amend [Certificate Settings]> "Certificate Common Settings"> "Authentication Port" not changed to the default value after executing [System Settings> Backup and Restore> Restore Factory Defaults].
# Fix the problem of abnormal login with Internet authentication when "Users on this machine" select "Require user to change password when logging in next time".
# Fix [POP3, IMAP, RADIUS users] The problem that the Radius account cannot log in with the special character password.
# Fix [POP3, IMAP, RADIUS users]>'Connection Test' entering special characters will cause login failure.
# Fixed an issue where the login page could not be displayed for internet authentication in some cases.

[Network Service]
# Fixed DHCP not working properly in some cases.
# Adjust the "DDNS List">'Record' update status display message.
# Adjust the "DDNS list", you can select multiple data to'delete'.
# Fix the problem that the information in "DDNS List"> "Update Status" is incorrect.

# Adjust and strengthen SNMP security, adjust OID settings.

[DNS server]
# Fix the problem that [Domain Settings][Edit]> "DNS Backup" does not work.
# Fix [Domain Settings][Edit]> "TXT" when editing settings.
# Fix the problem that the setting of "Interface Settings"> "Accepting Domain Cc's IP Address" is invalid.

[Virus Engine]
# New upgrade
Kaspersky anti-virus engine version 8.9.2 related settings.
# Fix the problem that [Kaspersky Engine] cannot be activated in some cases.
# Fix the problem that [Kaspersky Engine]> "Licenses" cannot be imported.
# Fix [Kaspersky Engine]> "Current Status of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine" is incorrect.

# Adjust the [SandStorm]> "Url test" display information.

NGS new generation firewall V9.0.2.2 has been updated #1
NGS new generation firewall V9.0.2.2 has been updated #1

Applicable Model
NGS 1315HE/1351HF/3572HF/5752HF/5792HF/5772HG

Applicable version


01 After the software is updated, the system will automatically reboot (reboot twice for about 3~5 minutes).


[system program]
[Basic Settings]
# Added [General Settings]> "Control Bridge Vlan Packets" setting.
# Added [General Settings]> "FTP Active Mode Open Port" setting.
# Fixed [General Settings]> "Drop Session Log" when enabled, the problem of bridge related regulations blocking invalid.
# Fix the problem of invalid storage of "Management Interface Access Settings"> "Minimum Length" and "Password Change Request Frequency".

# Added [Administrator's IP address] to support IPv6 settings.
# Add [Administrator's IP Address]> "Settings"> "Block Response (HTTP Status Code)" settings.
# Added [Record Clear] "Automatically change content record retention time" function.
# Add [Record Clear] "Speed ​​and Duplex Record".
# Amendment [Record Clear]: Clearing the traffic analysis records does not clear the IP area data.
# Amend [Record Clear]> "Content Record Retention Time Setting"> "IPS Record Retention" setting invalid.
# Amend [Record Clear]> "Content Record">'WEB Record', after clearing the record, it cannot continue to generate records.
# Amend [Record Clear]> "Management Target">'Internet Authentication', after clearing the record, the record is abnormal.

[System Upgrade]
# Adjust [Firmware Information]> "Firmware File" to add password verification when clicking "Firmware Upgrade".
# Adjust [Firmware Information]> "Auto-upgrade firmware" notification and upgrade mechanism.
1. File download failed: The firmware will still be upgraded in the next schedule.
2. Failed to upgrade firmware: Disable "Auto Upgrade Firmware".
3. Enable notification: If no notification is sent before the scheduled execution of the upgrade, the action will be cancelled.
# Fix [Firmware Information] The "Firmware File" cannot display the update information after the update fails.
# Fix the [Firmware Information] setting value back to the factory without changing.
# Fix the "Firmware Information" setting value is not included in the backup file.
# Fix the problem that [Firmware Information]> "Scheduled Update" is not executed.

[Backup and Restore]
# After the application converts the license package, the USB backup restore fails.
# Amend the "Restore Factory Defaults" part of the record is not deleted.
# Fix "Restore Factory Defaults" and select "Keep Network Interface Settings", when Brdige interface is present, "LAN Acceleration Mode" is displayed to be enabled.

[Package Management]
# Fix the KASPERSKY package cannot be enabled.

[Message Notification]
# Added "Auto Upgrade Notification" item.
# Fixed the problem that the delivery failure occurred in the part of the notification letter.
# Fix that when "Notification Letter Language" has been set to'English', some notifications still display Chinese.
# Fix the issue of incorrectly sending IPv6 disconnection notifications.

[Restart & Shutdown]
# Fixed an error message when the "restart the system" or "shut down the system" verification password is not entered.
# Fixed an error when executing "Restart the system" or "Shut down the system" in HA-Bcakup mode.

[AP Management]
# Added support model:
NWA110-AX, NWA5123-AC-HD, NWA1123-AC-PRO,
NWA1100-NH, NWA1123-ACv3.
# Added [MAC filtering] function. (Howay2000NI, AP300 does not support this function.)
# Added [AP Management]> "Delivery Settings":'Restart AP' function. (Howay2000NI&AP300 does not support)
# Fix [AP Management] When adding settings, the error message Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 secondsexceeded appears.
# Fixed some AP firmware upgrades due to the SSH encryption version change, and the connection cannot be properly connected.
# Fix NWA1123-AC HD firmware version at 5.*, it cannot be added to management.

[Feature Code Update]
# Added support for file import function (Note: "App Control Rules Update" only supports license packages).
# Adjust the width of the imported field.
# Adjust [Check Now] and [Update Now] are unified into [Update Now], skip the check phase and proceed directly to the update action.
# Fix "App Control Rules Update" version displayed as 0.0.0, which cannot be updated correctly.

[SSL certificate settings]
# Added the function of merging and downloading certificate files.
# Fixed the problem that the imported intermediate certificate cannot be imported.
# Fix "SSL certificate settings">'Let's Encrypt certificate' when setting the domain, asterisks cannot be used.
# Amend "SSL certificate settings">'Let's Encrypt certificate' After applying for a certificate, no intermediate certificate is generated.
# Fix "SSL certificate settings">'Let's Encrypt certificate' issuer cannot display the Chinese name.
[Uninterruptible Power System]
# Amend "Settings"> "Connection Mode">'SNMPv3', incorrectly use SNMPv3 protocol to verify the connection.
# Modify the storage setting chance of getting stuck.
# Fix the problem that the battery is still judged to trigger shutdown when the battery is low.

# Adjust [CMS Basic Settings]> "Client"> Administrator Account: Explain to change the'Administrative account for logging in to this device from the server'.
# Fix [CMS Status Monitoring] When the Client uses the PPPoE interface, the "HTTPS Management Interface" function cannot be used.
# Fixed an error message on the [CMS Status Monitoring] page.

[Data display number]
# Added the function of "Data display number".

[Network Settings]
[Regional Settings]
# Adjust [Regional Settings] to set the Bridge interface, you can turn off "LAN Acceleration Mode". (For LAN definition interface.)
# Adjust [Line Settings]> "Speed ​​and Duplex Mode" to adjust the record saving mechanism, no record clearing action will be performed after rebooting.
# Amend [Regional Settings]> "Regional State Diagram" NGS 3572HF Bypass prompts the wrong frame.
# Fix the problem that [Regional Settings] requires rebooting when only changing the name or changing the color.
# Fix [Line Settings]> "Speed ​​and Duplex Mode" cannot save Auto status.
# Amend [Line Settings]> "Speed ​​and Duplex Mode" line speed display error.

[Network Interface]
# Add "Network Interface Settings" Delete IP interactive adjustment related settings.
# Add "Network Interface Settings" when setting DHCP, add "DHCP Lease Expiry Date".
# Added the "Network Interface Settings"> "Interface Display" function, the'Bridge mode' interface can be set to display Zone or Port. (For Zone definition interface.)
# Adjust "Network Interface Settings" to modify the related settings of IP automatic adjustment [Network Services> DHCP].
# Fixed the problem that the settings cannot be removed in "Network Interface Settings"> "Packets between Ports in the Control Area".
# Fix zone0/LAN when "Access Control">'SNMP' and'Ping' are disabled, the management interface cannot be connected through the zone0/LAN interface.
# Modify the "Network Interface Settings" setting
When DHCP, restart the machine to restore the default MAC problem.
# Fixed the problem that when the number of network interfaces exceeds 10, there is a chance that the management interface cannot be connected.
# Fix [IPv6]: [Network Interface Settings] When "Radvd" and "DHCPv6" are enabled, there is a chance that the management interface cannot be connected.

[Routing Management]
# Adjust [Exit Line] Select the DHCP interface to automatically bring in related settings, and allow you to add settings when you have not obtained an IP.
# Adjust [Exit Line]> "Record" Disconnected status display OFF changed to Disconnect.
# Adjust [Default Gateway]> "Record" Disconnect status display OFF and change to Disconnect.
# Fix [Static routing] import settings are abnormal.
# Fixed [Exit Line Group] not displaying the line status correctly.
# Amend [Default gateway] "Main" line is not connected to repeatedly generate "[IP] changed to OFF" record information.
# Fix [Default Gateway] When using the DHCP interface as the main default gateway, the settings are not correctly imported after rebooting.

[PPPoE dial-up]
# Add "Add/Edit PPPoE Dial-up"> "MTU" setting.
# Add "Add/Edit PPPoE Dial-up"> "VLAN ID" setting.
# Amend "Add PPPoE dial-up"> "Automatically add" and select'Exit Line', the newly added setting of [Route Management> Outlet Line] is always disconnected.
# Fixed PPPoE in some cases causing repeated dialing.
# Fix the problem that PPPoE enables IPv6 to affect the IPv6 default route.
# Fixed a PHP error message when adding settings.

MDispersion V3.1.2.1 has been updated
MDispersion V3.1.2.1 has been updated

MDispersion OS 64 Series V Firmware Update

About the Mail Server Software Version upgrade to

Available Software Version

System will reboot atomically after software update; it will take around 3-5 minutes (depends on the
amount of data).

Update Items
※Mail Server Management※
Share Signature→
   FIX: Mail show up garbled while using share signature.

Mail limit→
   FIX: Part of information showed incorrectly in information field.

Service Management→
   FIX: [ Mail Server Management ]>” Webmail interface, use http protocol” IPv6 connection
    was still available after disabling http protocol.

※Mail Archive Management※
   FIX: [ Mail Archive Rule ] > [ Add/Change ]>” Conditions Combination” add description
    about making distinction between capital and small letters.

※Mail Audit & Protection※
Audit Act→
   FIX: [ Add/Change ]> ”Operation of filter’s conditions” add description about making
                       distinction between capital and small letters.

Mail Firewall→
(1) FIX: [ Detecting abnormal Sending ] Sending mail include Chinese may lead to code error and
       abnormal operating.
(2) FIX: [ Two Steps of Verifying Webmail Black/ Whitelist ] the setting of IP network segment

※Mail Encryption※
Mail Encryption Rule→
(1) FIX: [ Add/Change ] >”“Conditions Combination”” add description about making
       Distinction between capital and small letters.
(2) FIX: An issue when semicolon ( ; ) is used in encrypted password and choose PDF as
     “Encryption Mode”.
(3) FIX: Remove receiver’s information from password notification mail.

※Anti - Virus Filtering※
Anti - Virus Setting→
(1) FIX: Kaspersky can’t get authority.
(2) FIX: Kaspersky can’t upgrade.

※Sharetech Sandstorm※
Sandstorm Record→
(1) FIX:“Status”display order incorrectly.
(2) FIX: Record information doesn’t match with“Detail”information.

※Spam Management※
(1) ADJUST : Rspamd optimize spam recognized, and categories’ score.
(2) FIX: [ Trusted IP network segment ] > [ Add/ Change/ Delete ] and [ Search Catalogue> Event
    Catalogue ] show information incorrectly.

※User Management※
  FIX: An issue that illegal format saves successfully.

Account Management→
  FIX: [ Add / Change ] Fail to show [ Search Catalogue > Event Catalogue ] groups name
    After setting “Contact – Share Contact Group”.

Group Account Management→
  ADJUST : [ Export Group ] add“member name”column.

Transfer tool→
(1) ADJUST : [ Transfer Mail by POP3 ] Input format inspection.
(2) ADJUST : [ Transfer Mail by POP3 ] Add time to receiving timeout.
(3) FIX: [ Transfer Mail by IMAP ] Fail to transfer caused by connection error.

※System Management※
Account Management Setting→
(1) ADJUST : [ Change ] Forbid to change password which is same as last three password.
(2) FIX: After changing password or deleting account the connection stays available.

Backup and Device Management→
(1) FIX: [ Change ] > [ Mail Backup Rule ] > [ Add / Change ] >“Conditions Combination” add
    description about making distinction between capital and small letters.
(2) FIX: The file lost or damage caused by removing device.
(3) FIX: Device can be removed while backup.

Recover Account Mailbox→
   ADD: Whether to keep current mail while recovering account.

High Availability→
(1) FIX: Resync caused by misjudging synchronize interface.
(2) FIX: Synchronize abnormally.

Test Tools→
 ADJUST: [ Inspect Computer’s Operation ] Addition service: LDAP (389), HTTPS (443);
      Deduction service: PROXY (3128).

(1) ADD: [ Group List of Line Notification ]
(2) ADD: [ Add / Change ] >“Notification”> ”Fail to Login Management System Notification”.

Cloud Management Service→
  ADJUST : Improve the stability and safety of the cloud service connection.

SSL Certification→
  FIX: Certification shows incorrectly.

※Search Catalogue※
Mail Log→
(1) FIX: Not showing information after selecting [ Search Backup Data ] > [ Detail ].
(2) FIX: [ Detail ] > ”Message - ID”information can’t match with [ Search Catalogue >SMTP
    Log ] “Message - ID”.

Event Log→
  Add: Addition record:“Fail to Login to Management System”& ”Fail to Login to Personal

(1) FIX: Unable to click on the unsend mail button.
(2) FIX: Unable to save the sender while writing mail.
(3) FIX: Changing password include special character lead to setting abnormal.
(4) FIX: Unlimited time to change password while the first-time login.

(5) FIX: Show garbled while using Chinese as the name of attachment.
(6) FIX: Clicking in event invitation to add in calendar, but the time was incorrect.
(7) FIX: Fail to display mail while mail has a longer Message-ID.
(8) FIX: The mail content shows “Null”.

(1) ADD: If any account with same IP resource fail to login to Manage System 3 times within 24
        hours, system will notice at the top of home and send a notification mail to system
(2) ADD: Showing pop-up notice while using default password.
(3) ADJUST : Enhance the internal file monitor system.
(4) ADJUST : Enhance on offering external link authentication.
(5) FIX: While files backup may trigger Anti-Spam software alert.
(6) FIX: Fail to change password.
(7) FIX: Webmail sql inject related loopholes.
(8) FIX: Command injection in file uploading interface related loopholes.
(9) FIX: Encrypt backup file and improve backup file content inspection.
(10) FIX: Mail service authentication successfully while the account was suspended.
(11) FIX: Fail to send mail while there is special character in sender’s account.
(12) FIX: Sending notification about abnormal duration while firmware is expired.
(13) Remove administrator accounts in abnormal authority authomatically.

Kaohsiung Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Company
Kaohsiung Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Company

The company's wholesale market was established in 1949. Some businessmen applied for the establishment of a "fruit and vegetable joint venture". It is located in the demonstration market in Yancheng District of the city. In 1949, it moved to No. 267, Qixian 3rd Road. After that, the business entity and market name were changed several times. In 1949, the Kaohsiung City Government and the Kaohsiung City Farmers Association jointly organized the "Kaohsiung City Fruit and Vegetable Market Management Committee" to operate vegetable wholesale business. In the 1960s, the operating volume plummeted and the space was insufficient. The Kaohsiung City Government spent money to requisition the current site of No. 100 Minzu 1st Road in the city to build a new site. It was relocated and opened in 1964. On September 1, Republic of China, in accordance with the "Agricultural Products Market Transaction Law" promulgated by the Executive Yuan, it was funded and operated by the Kaohsiung City Government and the Kaohsiung City Farmers' Association. It was reorganized into a private company and renamed "Kaohsiung Fruit and Vegetable Transportation Co., Ltd." . On August 28, 2001, the Japanese company’s shareholder Kaohsiung City Farmers’ Association was renamed the Kaohsiung City Kaohsiung Regional Farmers’ Association. At present, the company is funded and operated by the Kaohsiung City Government and Kaohsiung City’s Kaohsiung District Farmers’ Association.

June 2021, in cooperation with the customer and distributor Taiwan's Futaba Electronics business department, it is planned to adopt the new generation firewall NGS 3572HF of front-end information security equipment.

Dar Yu (Kaohsiung)
Dar Yu (Kaohsiung)

In 1989, Dar Yu was founded in Kaohsiung Taiwan, started with the business of fasteners distribution. To fulfill customers’ growing demand on different packaging on DIY market, Dar Yu established the facility of plastic ejection manufacturing in 1993. In 1997, we moved to a new factory specialized in producing all kinds of plastic boxes in different shapes and dimensions.

In 1999, our sister company K-tool Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established for manufacturing hand-tools and high-end insulated screwdrivers. In 2010, we moved our packing lines and storage into a new building of 6,000 square meters located in Renwu Industrial Park to increase the productivity.

Since 2015, we have cooperated with our company to plan to adopt NGS / NTS / HSecurity 2 series of security protection and IPSEC VPN internal interconnection, and then plan the MDispersion mail server and Ablerex UPS to strengthen the security plan, After planning the Thecus NAS, QNAP NAS remote Sync synchronization.

Manufacturing of K-TOOL hand tools


"Taiwan Times", referred to as "Taiwan Times", is different from the "Taiwan Times" founded in 1919. It is a comprehensive daily newspaper in Taiwan. It was founded on August 25, 1971. Wu Jifu was the first chairman and Xia Xiaohua was the first. The issuer, whose head office is located in Kaohsiung, also called "the three major newspapers in Southern Taiwan" together with "Minzhu Daily" and "Taiwan News", with the slogan "No Party, Independent." The current chairman is Wang Mingren, the president is Lin Shiying, and the former chairman Wang Yufa is the honorary chairman.

In 2013, we cooperated with our company to adopt the front-end security equipment UTM & HSecutiy+ to plan the Taipei Kaohsiung IPSEC VPN, and in May 2021, the new generation firewall NGS was completely replaced due to the old equipment.

MDispersion V3.1.2 has been updated
MDispersion V3.1.2 has been updated

Available firmware version

3.1.1 ~


(1) The system will reboot automatically after upgrading to the new version.
It will need 3-5 minutes to upgrade.
(2) The system will reboot automatically after upgrading.
(3)【Mail Server > Service Management】To prevent the update from failing, please confirm the
port number that is not set to 9999. If it is, please reset the port number before upgrading.
p.s. :【Anti-Spam > Spam Mail Protection > DMARC Check】The port number is set to 9999 by default.
(4) Download the update file manually, please go to the official website Quick Link>Firmware Update>Download, Upload directly without decompression.

※ Mail Server ※
Mail Queue Management →
【Resend Queue Setting】: FIX an issue that mistake-proofing is invalid.

Mail Forwarding →
(1)【Domain Forward Setting > Forward From】: FIX an issue that the settings cannot be saved if there is only one domain.
(2)【Domain Forward Setting > Forward From&Forward To】MODIFY the mistake-proofing.

Service Management →
(1) ADD the setting of Admin-Automatic Logout After Inactivity/Idle.
(2)【Personal Cloud Service Connector Reset】ADD the explanation of this function.
(3)【Send TLS/SSL Level > high】STRENGTHEN the protection mechanism.
(4)【WebMail SSL Level】FIX an issue that there may be an inconsistent operation with webmail if the setting is high.
(5)【Webmail Cloud HDD share > Whether Webmail port provides service】FIX an issue that HTTPS and HTTP are invalid.

※ Mail Filter,Audit & Firewall ※
Audit & Filter Log →
OPTIMIZE the search engine to prevent it from getting stuck.

Mail Firewall →
【SMTP Traffic Abnormal Detection】FIX an issue that the detection may fail if the account contains double quotes( “ ” ).

※ Mail Encryption ※
Mail Encryption Rule →
(1)【Add /Modify > Sender】: FIX an issue that the encryption rules may fail if users key in multiple accounts and set up one setting per line.
(2)【Encryption /Signature Verification /iCalendar /RTF】: MODIFY the ways of doing and hints if mail did not be encrypted.

Mail Encryption Setting →
【Mail Encryption Account Password Strength Limit > Include Symbols】MODIFY that semicolons(;) can be used.

※ Anti-Virus ※
Anti-Virus Engines →
(1)【Kaspersky Setting > Engine Version】ADD new version「」.
(2)【Kaspersky Setting > Offline Update Virus Code】SUPPORT update via USB.
(3)【Kaspersky Setting】ADD the setting of Participating in Kaspersky Security Network.

UPDATE the version of Clam AV to 0.102.4.

※ HERHSIANG Sandstorm ※
Basic Setup →
(1)【Spam List】ADD emails quarantine mechanism of Sandstorm.
(2)【URL Filter】FIX an issue that HTTPS cannot be filtered if the emails are plain text.

※ Anti-Spam ※
Basic Setting →
(1)【EDM - Newsletter】ADD the relevant settings.
(2)【Anti-Spam Setting > Engine】ADD the information about SpamAssassin which is「This feature will be removed in the next version.」
(3)【Anti-Spam Setting > Engine】FIX an issue that the system will fail to update if users setup Rspamd engine.
(4) FIX an issue that only one setting value can be used for RBL query in the case of multiple DNS server settings.

Anti-Spam Engines →
(1)【Link Filter】FIX an issue that the speed of DNS analysis will be slower when analyzing the URL.
(2)【Link Filter】FIX an issue that HTTPS cannot be filtered if the emails are plain text.

Notice Mail Setting →
(1) MODIFY the Spam List Content and processing is renamed as status.
(2) ADOPT the color block to distinguish one area from the others and support the display of multiple states.

Spam Mail Learning →
(1) FIX an issue that part of learned emails have not been deleted and accumulated in the black/white list learning accounts.
(2) FIX an issue that regular learning cannot be scheduled to process if Spam Mail Learning Sharing is enabled.

Spam Mail Protection →
【DMARC Check】ADD the relevant settings.

※ User Management ※
Basic Setup →
(1)【WebMail Advanced Setting > WebMail DoS Attack Defense】ADD the setting of「turn off the web blocking prompt」.
(2)【WebMail Advanced Setting > WebMail Login page password-guessing attack defense】ADD the setting of「turn off the prompt」.
(3) MOVE part of configuration options from WebMail Initial Setting to WebMail Advanced Setting.

Account List →
(1)【MODIFY > WebMail Login page password-guessing attack】ADD the setting of「Account Unlock」.
(2)【MODIFY > Mail Forward】ADD a pop-up system message window when this function is disabled.
(3) FIX an issue that the display of department in accounts is inconsistent with those of information in department management.
(4) FIX an issue that the information of used value will be incorrect if the device is set to slave mode.
(5)【Department Management】FIX an issue that the total amounts will be displayed wrongly if the amount of data are over 50.

Central / Branch Setting →
(1) FIX an issue that process synchronization may be interrupted when synchronizing emails over 6 hours.
(2) FIX an issue that when users set up「Mails not sync to branch」and there are more than two slaves with Central/Branch architecture, it may cause the abnormal accounts of synchronization.
(3)【Slave】FIX an issue that the spam folder may not show the emails correctly on webmail when enabling Central/Branch setting.
(3) FIX an issue that when the Cloud-HDD data of the slave changed, it is not synchronized to the master under Central/Branch architecture.

Mail Migration →
(1) FIX an issue that the dots(.) will be replaced with the underlines when creating target account folders.
(2)【Custom Transfer】FIX an issue that the authentication will fail if the password contains backslash(\).
(3)【Transfer Mail by IMAP】FIX an issue that an abnormal system message window will be displayed when receiving emails fail.
(4) FIX an issue that the system remains to display the wrong message which is dealing with although the processing has already been suspended when transferring.

※ System Management ※
Network Setup →
【Port Setup】FIX an issue that packet loss may occur after modifying the settings.

DNS Server Setting →
(1) MODIFY that CNAME cannot be set repeatedly.
(2) FIX an issue that TXT record is unable to be deleted.

System Backup →
(1) MODIFY the mounting mechanism of SAMBA and optimize the relevant settings.
(2)【System Backup > Deviated Backup and Mail Backup】MODIFY the operating mechanism, and prevent them from operating at the same time.
(3) MODIFY that system will try mounting three times when SAMBA fails to mount.
(4) FIX an issue that Remote Space Remaining displays 0% due to abnormal connection while using FTP backup.
(5)【System Backup > Backup Option】FIX an issue that a system message window which indicates alert will be displayed if users do not select any backup options.

High Availability →
(1) FIX an issue that the service master did not function normally after booting.
(2)【Basic Setup > Non-database File Log】FIX an issue that download takes a long time.

System Tools →
【DNS Query Tool】FIX an issue that part of TXT record cannot be found.

SSL Certificate →
(1)【Let's Encrypt Certificate > Update Certificate Now】FIX an issue that application may fail if Rspamd is not enabled.
(2) FIX an issue that system did not display the expiring notice of SSL certificate and send the notification emails to the administrators.

※ Mail Log ※
Mail Log →
(1) ADD a new column「Scan Results」that users can inquire about the emails processed by Virus, Sandstorm, EDM-Newsletter, and Spam.
(2) ADD a column「Status」on「Detail > Attachment」, including the information of anti-virus and Tip.
(3) MODIFY the detailed status of emails that were quarantined because of Sandstorm and adjust the display of spam score.
(4) REMOVE two columns「Virus」and「Sandstorm」.
(5) MODIFY that emails will be duplicated to whitelist learning account as users click「Report Selected Email is Non-Spam」
(6) MODIFY the Tip information about「Report Selected Email is Non-Spam」and「Report Selected Email is Spam」
(7) MODIFY that the subject in「Read Mail Content」is renamed as「Content Date」.
(8) FIX an issue that exported information will be blank under certain circumstances.

SMTP Communication Log →
【Status > Other】FIX an issue that response message of emails did not indicate that
this mail breaches the anti-spam policies.

System Event Log →
(1)【Mail Log】ADD「Read Mail Content」.
(2)【Mail Server > Basic Setup and Services > Service Management】FIX an issue that the TIP information is not correct.

Mail Encryption Log →
FIX an issue that users still received the encrypted mail although the sender clicks「Send Immediately without encryption」while the mail is being encrypted.

System Log →
【SMTP Log Setting > Log Level】CHANGE the default value to「Detail」

※ Gateway ※
FIX an issue that gateway mode did not function normally because there are no accounts in the host.

※ E-paper ※
FIX an issue that E-paper cannot be sent correctly due to the wrong subnet mask.

※ WebMail ※
Login →
(1)【Login Blocked Times】MODIFY that the blocked times will be reset if login succeeded or time passed over than 30 minutes.
(2)【Two-Step Verification】MODIFY that the date can be set to 0. (Every login should be verified)
(3) MODIFY that Unusual Login Notify will be sent to「Password/Two-Step Verification Notification Mail」as well.
(4) MODIFY that the subject of Unusual Login Notify adds the information about emails that have been logged in.
(5)【Password】MODIFY that semicolons( ; ) and colons( : ) are supported.
(6)【Forget Password】MODIFY that the middle characters in the password hint will be obscured.
(7)【Two-Step Verification】MODIFY that the verification notification emails cannot be sent repeatedly within 5 minutes
(8)【Two-Step Verification /Forget Password】FIX an issue that system did not check the account format when users enter the verification notification email.
(9) FIX an issue that users cannot sign in to the login page by using the versions before IE8.

Mail →
(1)【Attachment】ADD the particular filename extensions such as .js, .jsp, .java, .jar, .class, .  php, .exe, .sh, .bat, .cmd.
(2)【Insert Image】ADD the restricted file format such as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg,.  ico.
(3) MODIFY that users can choose to paste tables in the format of a picture or a table when copying tables from the Office software.
(4) FIX an issue that the display of tables in the emails is different from reading the emails and replying to emails or printing preview.
(5) FIX an issue that the contact groups in my contacts will disappear when clicking the contact bottom.
(6) FIX an issue that receivers cannot be sorted in sent folders.
(7) FIX an issue that notification email was mistakenly judged by Outlook for containing attachments.
(8) FIX an issue that emails will be abnormal due to using CID.
(9) FIX an issue that the bottom of「Show Image」is abnormal.
(10) FIX an issue that the function of「Print Directly」is invalid.
(11) FIX an issue that attachments disappear.

Contact →
FIX an issue that abnormal situations may occur when users create the table of contents under contact.

Calendar →
(1) 【Search】ADD the function that users can enter specific subjects to filter the events.
(2) FIX an issue that the system did not send the notification message according to the calendar schedules.
(3) FIX an issue that abnormal situations may occur if users import schedules from Google.

Setting →
(1) IMPROVE the website security and enhance the XSRF prevention mechanism.
(2) FIX an issue that the format of sender will be displayed abnormally if senders set up「Delay Mail」and receivers set up「Automated Reply」simultaneously.

(3) FIX an issue that the application of Non-local Account cannot be sent if receiver password is set to the random one.
(4) FIX an issue that E-paper cannot be displayed normally if the spam score is negative.
(5) MODIFY that the search date will according to the「InboxDisplay > Received Date or Content Date」to search.

※ Others ※
Management Interface →
(1) ADD WebMail Login Page Password-Guessing Attack prevention mechanism. If there are accounts that were blocked, the relevant information will be displayed on the home page and the system will send the notification emails to administrators.
(2) ADD a system message. If the waiting time for booting is over 30 seconds, the system will display a system message on the home page.
(3) FIX an issue that the home page still displays the alert「System Backup Has Not Been Set」even though users did not enable the system backup.
(4) FIX an issue that the settings cannot be saved when using IP/MASK format to enter data in part of management interface columns.
(5) FIX an issue that when entering the passwords of administrator accounts, some errors may occur due to certain characters.

System →
(1) IMPROVE the security of host connection, adopting encrypted connection and increase authentication mechanism.
(2) UPDATE the version of HDD system tools.
(3) IMPROVE the system security and prevent various risks and vulnerabilities.
(4) ADD two installer error messages「WebMail Service」and「Personal Cloud Service」on management interface.
(5) FIX an issue that system service exception may occur if「High Availability > Local Backup」and「Central/Branch architecture」exist at the same time.
(6) FIX an issue that LCD displays the wrong state of WebMail service.
(7) FIX an issue that console displays the wrong information of ports.

Mail Service →
(1) FIX an issue that the application service of original mail will be affected when system
process the emails which format are text and calendar.
(2) FIX an issue that HDD space will be occupied when system filters bigger compressed emails.

Connector →
(1) ADD support of ignoring update check.
(2) MODIFY that contact will be sorted by name by default.
(3) FIX an issue that the folders will be displayed abnormally after users add the contact to

WebMail APP →
(1) MODIFY that the judging method of abnormal personal login.
(2) FIX an issue that the content of the emails exceeds the smartphone screen boundary.
(3) FIX an issue that the links in mail are unable to be cli

Launched MArchive H57TA (W) wall-mounted mail archiving server
Launched MArchive H57TA (W) wall-mounted mail archiving server

HERHSIANG launched a new option in addition to rack-mounted, wall-mounted or desktop ultra-quiet mail filing server

Mail archiving is a mail storage device that requires a large amount of storage space. It is very important to plan the backup of the whole machine.
Server-level motherboard / IPMI smart platform remote management interface (IP KVM)
H57TA (D) adopts industrial chassis and power supply planning (can be wall-mounted)
Office model
Built-in ECC SO-DIMM 8GB (expandable to 64GB)
Built-in enterprise-level master data disk 4TB*1 NAS backup data disk 4TB*1 (the backup data disk can be directly used as the master data disk)
Reserve 1 Bay disk expansion space, which can be used as a maximum of 2 backup data disks or modified to increase the capacity of the hard disk
(There is also an SSD version available for purchase)


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