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MDispersion Manage interface initial value connection mode

admin / adminpw

MFunction Manage interface initial value connection mode

admin / adminpw

MDispersion mail server supports two spam filtering engines: Rspamd and SpamAssassin. Which one is better?
It is recommended to switch to Rspamd. The actual online filtering effect has been reported by customers. The filtering effect is very good, and the number of spam messages is also reduced. In addition, the mail firewall mechanism is more effective.
Support IPMI smart platform remote management interface model

MDispersion H24E / H57TA / H91X

MArchive H57TA

Google Play cannot download the new version of the Android Mail App update
The Android Mail App (inclusive) produced by the company cannot meet the level required by Google, so it cannot be placed on Google Play, so the Mail App is placed on the company's official website for customers to download and upload the mobile phone update.


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